What Happens If I Get A DWI In Louisiana

DWI stands for Driving While Intoxicated. There are several implications of a DWI such as incurring a criminal record, suspended license, and possibly jail time. A DWI could also prevent you from obtaining certain forms of employment. 

If you are pulled over for driving while intoxicated, the las enforcement officer will administer a breathalyzer test which will your alcohol level. If the alcohol concentration is 0.08 percent or more, you will be charged with a DWI. There are three levels of a DWI: First offense, Second Offense, and Third Offense 

First Offense DWI: (Misdemeanor)

A First Offense DWI means you have never been charged with a DWI under R.S. 14:98.1. The court can fine you with no less than one hundred dollars and no more than two hundred fifty dollars. The offender must also participate in a court approved substance abuse program. 

If your BAC is over .15 then an additional 48 hours of jail time is required and cannot be suspended. 

If your BAC is over .20 then then an additional 48 hours of jail time is required and cannot be suspended and an interlock device must be installed in your car. 

Second Offense: (Misdemeanor)

You will be charged a Second Offense DWI if you were previously convicted of a DWI under R.S.19:98.2. The court will fine you no less than three hundred dollars and no more than one thousand dollars. The offender will also receive imprisonment no less than 10 days and no more than six months. 

If your BAC is over .15 then 96 hours of jail time is required, interlock device installed, and driver’s license is suspended for three years

Third Offense DWI: (Felony)

Occurs if you have been charged with two previous DWIs. There is no right to the benefit of a suspended sentence if you are charged with a third offense DWI. A third offense DWI requires mandatory jail time. 

Special Requirements: Interlock device, community service, substance abuse program, mandatory jail time, and forfeiture of driver’s license